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Welcome to Fair Go For Palestine. This site is a non-profit initiative designed to promote awareness and understanding of the plight faced by the Palestinians. It does not condone racism in any form, including anti-Semitism. Its criticism of the State of Israel has nothing to do with race or religion but everything to do with the human rights of the Palestinian people. Among the most insightful and edifying information contained on this site or linked to it, is the work of Jews struggling against Zionism. The aim of this site is to provide you with information and resources to enable you to make an informed assessment of the situation in Palestine and to make a difference with respect to the stance taken by Australian on this issue.

Most people are aware, some more so than others, that the world in which we live is a place rife with injustice, misery, and suffering. It is difficult, however, to find a place, even in this world, where these conditions are more acute than in the illegally occupied territories of Gaza and the West Bank, known as Palestine. Under the occupation of Israel since 1948, the Palestinians have been subjected to the worst forms of oppression, cruelty, and indignity. The majority of Palestinians live in densely populated refugee camps, in their own country, in conditions of abject poverty, hunger and hopelessness. They survive on a restricted food and water supply. They are denied freedom of movement, are subject to routine 'curfews' and 'closures' of their camps or villages. When they are permitted to travel, even to neighbouring villages or towns, they must pass through Israeli military checkpoints. Palestinian farmers are prevented from tending their fields, while labourers and students are prevented from attending work or school, all at the whim of the Israeli military. Palestinian houses are bulldozed to the ground in the name of 'security' or when Israeli settlements are to be expanded or new one established.

The occupation of Palestine by Israel is illegal as far as the United Nations (UN) is concerned. Israel has been condemned by the UN for its continued violation of the human rights of the Palestinian people. The treatment of the Palestinian people by Israel is in violation of the Geneva Convention. Numerous UN Resolutions have been passed calling on Israel to, among other issues, withdraw from Gaza and the West Bank, respect Jerusalem as an international city, and allow the Palestinian refugees the right of return. Israel has not complied and has continued to evade sanctions for violation of the UN Resolutions thanks to its number one supporter, the United States.

When the Palestinian people themselves protest against these conditions they are ruthlessly suppressed. Often it is the fortunate ones that are shot dead while protesting. Others are deliberately shot in the eye or kneed with rubber-coated bullets leaving them blind, maimed or crippled. This 'policy of injury' has been employed as injuries are not as newsworthy as deaths and therefore inhibiting both sympathy for the Palestinian cause and criticism for Israel. Those captured are dealt with mercilessly, often brutally beaten, and if arrested or detained, frequently tortured.

Still others suffer less personal but by no means less violent fates. Israel is among the most well-equipped and sophisticated military powers in the world and despite frequent condemnation from the UN for using 'excessive' force, it responds to Palestinian resistance with missiles and bombs, using attack helicopters and fighter aircrafts. Those who are not instantly killed by such strikes are crushed to death under the rubble of their own homes, or succumb to their wounds, and die of thirst or lack of medical attention as their remaining relatives struggle to search for them. Meanwhile rescue teams and ambulances are prevented from reaching the dying.

This situation need not continue. As the end of apartheid in South Africa demonstrates, people power can make a difference. What can you do?

  • Gain as much knowledge as you can about the issue and inform others
  • Copy this site's URL to a friend - www.fairgoforpalestine.com.au
  • Send a friend a copy of our Fact Sheet to get them started
  • Boycott Israel
  • Contact your elected representative in Parliament and the Senate and express your concern for the plight of the Palestinian people and your condemnation of Israel's violation of human rights, international law and UN Resolutions. Tell them Australia will not sit by and let this crime continue.

Tell them...

                  …It's Time For Justice!


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