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“Palestine: the way forward ”

PowerPoint presentation 

presented by

Michael Shaik

Scheduled times: to be advised

Palestine/Israel and the Realignment Plan

This presentation will examine impact of Israel’s current policies upon Palestinians in the Occupied Territories.  It will demonstrate that the Olmert government’s Realignment or Consolidation Plan is working to create an apartheid regime in the Occupied Territories that will make a two-state solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict impossible.

Australia is now consistently voting with only a handful of countries – and against an overwhelming majority – against recent UN resolutions calling upon Israel to cease confiscating Palestinian land for Jewish settlement and to cease the construction of a “Separation Barrier” through Palestinian lands in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

In April this year, Australians for Palestine  was one of only 23 organisations  invited to attend the ALP National Conference Fringe Event.  It was the first time a Palestinian group had been given an opportunity to put a case for a fairer hearing of Palestinian issues to a major political party in Australia.  The presentation, created by human rights activist and writer Michael Shaik, is a most professional overview of what is happening in Palestine today.  In just 20 minutes the viewer can gain a greater appreciation of the complex problems that Israel has created in its bid to establish a Jewish-only state in all of Palestine.  This session gives an opportunity for Q&A after the presentation. Also, pamphlets of maps and a brief history of the conflict will be available free of charge.

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