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The Wall

Australians for Palestine erect mock wall for Stop the Wall rally in Melbourne, Nov 2006

A mock wall will installed as part of the experiential exhibition and will measure 4 metres x 6 metres.  The wall was  constructed by the Mashni brothers for the Stop the Wall campaign late last year and they have now extended its height and length for this exhibition.

The Wall will form the central piece of the occupation theme just as it is the central piece that obstructs, divides and destroys the lives of Palestinians in the Occupied West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem. 

Although half the height of the real Wall, the mock one will be large enough to create a forbidding effect and will be placed so that visitors will experience the difficulties of movement that Palestinians face every day.

The mock wall will have the usual grafitti found along the kilometres of wall already built in the Occupied Palestinian Territories and will also contain all the information you need to know about its devastating impact on the Palestinian landscape and Palestinian society.


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